Is it true when I take a job online?

Is it true when I take a job online?

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Ruan Guangjian carried the bags of coffee and crossed the road with Pei Qian, leading him straight into Halo Workspace. This was Pei Qian’s first time visiting Halo Workspace.

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It had been a two-story bookstore before, which failed and had been forced to sell the space. Ruan Guangjian chose this spot because it was opposite Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and near Shenhua View. Thus, he happily began renting it.

Pei Qian’s first impression as he stepped into the workspace was that it was full of life and artistic vibes. The temperature was just nice, and the genial sunlight shone through the full-length windows, making one feel comfortably warm.

Various plants were lined up against the entrance, on the desks, and in the corners. There were also many pieces of artwork, like sculptures and portraits, meant for decoration. The desks, chairs, and the entire structure of the office were quite casual, but it did not come across as messy or unorganized. Obviously, the layout was carefully planned.

Overall, the environment made one feel relaxed, which was optimal for activating one’s imagination and creativity. Someone had already noticed Pei Qian walking in with Ruan Guangjian. One by one, they greeted him.

“Eh? Boss Pei!”

“Hello, Boss Pei!”

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“Welcome, Boss Pei!”

All of them looked very passionate.

After all, everyone saw Boss Pei as a close friend of Ruan Guangjian and an important partner of Halo Workspace. He was an important source of income that they could cling onto now that they had moved to Jingzhou. However, Pei Qian saw them differently. If Ruan Guangjian was the assassin who would ultimately stab Pei Qian in the back, all of his employees were the people who would push him so that the knife went in deeper.

Pei Qian had to be objective and noted all of their names down in his little notebook!

Nevertheless, Boss Pei was a man of character. In the face of their warm welcome, he smiled and waved.

Ruan Guangjian handed the bags of coffee to one of his employees. “Old Huang, distribute this. I’ll bring Boss Pei around.”

Pei Qian followed Ruan Guangjian upstairs and walked around the entire workspace. As Ruan Guangjian introduced the various parts of the workspace, he could not help but feel emotional.

“Coming to Jingzhou was a very good decision!

“Jingzhou’s cost of living is a lot lower than in Shanghai. We’ve saved a lot, both in terms of rent and in terms of daily expenses.