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This seemed to be hinting at the difficulty of the uninhabited island survival exam that awaited us.

“The next special exam, the uninhabited island survival exam, will have a rule which allows a maximum of 6 people to form a big group to work with each other. Remember this first; if the people you group with are in the same year, you will be allowed to form the group regardless of any class boundaries.”

“Which means… the students in the 2nd year, are our allies…?”

Horikita, who used to believe that everyone not from her own class is an enemy, talked to herself, her voice echoing within the classroom.

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Chabashira had to have heard Horikita’s words, but she continued to speak without replying.

“In the period from today till Friday, July 16 inclusive, approximately four weeks, you have the right to select up to two second-year students of your choice to form a small group of a maximum of 3 people. The small groups form the basis of the big groups. However, although I said you could form the group with whoever you liked, there are still rules that exist. First, as I already said, you can only group up with students from the same grade. You can’t form a group with 1st or 3rd years.”

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In other words, it’s alright to partner up with a Class 2-A or a Class 2-C student.

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A maximum of four can be in a small group created by the 1st years, and 3rd years could have up to three people in a group, same as the 2nd years. This is probably one of the handicaps prepared for each school year. This rule was clearly displayed on the screen. A situation in which all classes worked together to form the strongest group for the competition could also occur. If you could freely form an ideal group, the possibility of winning would certainly appear. Or rather, the other years would surely pick out the best candidates to form the groups, so in order to counter that, we have to gather all our power.

“And then, for the ratio of boys to girls in the next exam, when both boys and girls form a mixed group, the proportion of girls to boys must be at least 2 to 3.”

This means that the combinations of 2 boys and 1 girl, or 1 boy and 1 girl would not be allowed.

The possible combinations of the small groups were shown on the monitor.

[1 boy] [2 boys] [3 boys]

[1 girl] [2 girls] [3 girls]

[1 boy, 2 girls]

There were seven combinations in total. On the contrary, groups of [2 boys, 1 girls] and [1 boy, 1 girl] cannot be formed and will be rejected.

“What happens if you don’t form a group… or if you can’t form a group?”