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At the top of the audience seats, Kron sat in a big throne-like chair with Jamdi’el by her side.

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For a moment, she seemed about to wave her hand at me with a smile, but perhaps she was cautioned by Jamdi’el, she immediately withdrew her hand.

[Will the sudden appearance of this comet be a bad omen or hope for the future? All the numbers he produced at the dojo are top class in the rankings! An unknown powerhouse who even sparred with that strongest Machio! Now is the time to show us what you’re really made of! The ‘Supernova’, Earth Lagann!]

And with a loud cheer, my... Introduction or whatever!? Who would have thought!?

However, the audience seemed very excited anyway, so I stepped out.

And all the people of the packed venue, who saw me, cheered with joy.

It felt good.

But such introductions, are you going to do it for all of us?

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[The rumored genius is finally unveiled. The story of this man, who has broken every record in the Wizarding School and created new magic that even teachers don’t know, has only just begun! Burn the new legend into your eyes! ‘The Great Sage of Heaven’, José Drag!]

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[The era where the Strong stand at the pinnacle of power is over! To the powerless, he brings a call to arms! To overthrow the power, ‘Soldier of Devastation’ Jawara Theoi!]

[A man who was once a national hero! The old regime was defeated and the revolution complete. But he is not yet defeated! He may have lost his Lord, he hasn’t lost his fangs! ‘The Exiled Rebel Swordsman’, Gran Chario Nanhoshi,!]