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“I want to apply for three months off to return to the Blue Planet. Three months later, I will return to the fleet.

“Then, I will sacrifice my life as you wish.”

AEEIS: “I’m sorry, Captain Qin, I cannot approve your request.

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“The Supreme Executive Committee of the Blue Planet Alliance Fleet has appointed you as the new commander. You’re to lead the battle against the Zergs.

“You need to save the Blue Planet.”

Qin Yi remained silent for a moment. “I’m only an ordinary soldier, and I don’t have the ability to command the entire army. I can’t accept this mission.

“What happened to the previous commander?”

As the AEISS replied matter-of-factly, its voice was devoid of any emotion. “While the mission to behead the Zerg Queen was underway, many Zerg ships tried to assassinate the commander as well.

“The commander perished together with those Zerg ships.”

Qin Yi looked incredulously at the abstract image of the AEEIS. “The commander... sacrificed his life?”

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AEEIS: “That’s top-secret information.

“The Ansible communication technology that we are using is similar in principle to the Zergs’ consciousness. Our communications can travel through space and be realized in real-time. However, they can also be interfered with and are limited by distance. We have to ensure that the commander is always within a certain range of the battlefield.

“We can roughly determine the Zerg Queen’s position through our Ansible communication technology, but the Zergs can also roughly determine the commander’s position.

“The previous commander believed that he had already completed his mission, and so he sacrificed his own life to severely injure the Zerg army.

“Captain Qin, AS-371-45 team members are not the only ones making sacrifices.”

Once again, Qin Yi fell silent. “Why was I chosen as the new commander?

“I don’t think we’re short of people who are willing to make sacrifices.”

AEEIS: “There are two main criteria for the position of Commander of the Alliance Fleet.

“First, one must be strong-willed and ever-ready to sacrifice oneself. What’s more, under the severe mental stress of having to make huge sacrifices at any moment, one must also remain calm and logical enough to strategize.