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「Sid-san?! Cain-san?!」

As I stared in wonder at the unexpected culprits,

「Bastard, Allen! Quit this boring charade and return to Ice King Academy!」

「God! You are alright!」

The two noticed me and started hurling nonsense.

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「Eh, umm…」

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I was confused as to how to respond.

「We are the ones who acquired Allen first. I won’t give him to you.」

Idol-san stood in front of me and declared.

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「Aa? I don’t care whether you’re called『Prodigy』or what not, but if you get carried away, I’ll bloody kill you!」

「『Acquired』!? God belongs to everyone! That is blasphemous, Idol Luxmaria!」

Sid-san raised his eyebrows, and Cain-san launched his own theory to attack Idol-san.

(At this rate, it’ll get worse…)

Deciding that, I immediately jumped in between them.

「L-Let’s settle down for now! First of all, how about everyone calm down and talk this through?」

When I suggested as such, they both shot a glance at me, and faced each other again.

「Give him to me.」

The negotiations between Sid-san and Idol-san broke down in two seconds.