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In addition to what makes money from the media online

Min Jingchao was delighted. “Brother Bao, when will you be back?”

Bao Xu: “Uh... probably in the afternoon. I want to stay here to discuss more business stuff with Xiao Peng.”

Min Jingchao: “?”.

However, he felt that it was not important after all. Bao Xu’s mission was done; he had successfully obtained Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s support. GOG and IOI might continue to coexist in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0 and 2.0, but the new Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 has been turned into an esports live museum. This one small shop would be fully oriented to GOG; many things could be done with it.

It might just be one small shop, but it had great significance.

For example, Min Jingchao could use this to tell the bosses of other chain internet cafes: GOG is a part of the future esports ecosystem in Tengda, not IOI. IOI is coming on aggressively just to put pressure onto GOG as an act of cultivating players and expanding the boundaries of this type of game player... Min Jingchao believed that, even if the benefits given by GOG were less than the benefits given by IOI, these would certainly bring long-term benefits for everyone’s consideration. For example, to those UP Masters, they were both sponsored partnerships. IOI gave more money but did not have an overwhelming advantage. However, making GOG videos might give them more benefits in the future.

In the long run, it was obvious that it was better to be on the GOG boat.

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As for those diehards who did not believe it...

Just wait for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 to open and post the video of everyone playing GOG on site. The diehard fans would definitely change their minds as well!

June 14th, Tuesday...

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Pei Qian came to Deposit Fitness at about nine in the morning. He just received news from the Manage Loss Trainee that the application requested by the gym had been completed by Otto Technologies!

Pei Qian immediately decided to personally make a trip after checking the development time. There seemed to be something wrong with the timing!