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What to make money on work online

If he could stabilize Upwind Logistics—even if something suddenly went wrong with the other businesses, he could just open a few more Upwind Courier stations, hire a few more delivery men, and control the income.

Guided by the servants of the House Arcstria, we arrived at the perfect sakura blossom viewing spot that perfectly captured the Hundred Million Year Sakura tree in front of us.

「In that case, Ojou-sama, we will excuse ourselves now. If you have anything you need, please contact me through this radio.」

The old gentleman at the head of the group said, and handed a black radio to the president.

「Yes, thank you very much.」

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「Don’t mention it. Please have a good time.」

They bowed deeply and walked away.

(Man, they prepared everything for us.)

On the picnic sheet, there were six big lunch boxes. Each one had three compartments stacked together and seemed quite tall.

Next to it were hand wipes, disposable chopsticks, paper plates, paper cups, and even water, tea, fruit juice, and various other beverages.

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A perfect sakura blossom viewing arrangement that leaves nothing to be desired.

「Well, let’s start then!」

Under the president’s cheerful decree, we started to move.

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First, we cleaned our hands with a wipe, then we poured drinks into a paper cup.