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The letter Yamauchi entrusted me with, I offered it to Sakura.

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"This is...?".

"I'd like you to accept it without asking too much. If you read the contents I'm sure you'll understand" I told Sakura.

If the deliverer himself explains it, the meaning behind the letter will be diminished. I handed it over like that.

I felt something similar to guilt and so I averted my gaze.

On the other hand Sakura kept looking back and forth between me and the letter to try and make sense of the situation.

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"L...etter....behind school building....a boy......".

The Sakura who received the letter, while staring at someplace far away, weakly whispered something to herself. Woah, but the way I just said it it could be taken to mean I'm the one who wrote that letter.

That is bad.

"I was entrusted with this from a guy who's in hiding. The sender says you'll understand if you read it. He seems to have bad handwriting, but it seems he's given it his all in writing this letter".

I properly followed up to make sure there would be no accidents.

"A, Awawa.....this is...awawawa!?".

Perhaps this is a letter of confession from a boy, such a prediction had already grown inside of Sakura it seems. She had lost her calmness and her gaze seems to be staring out towards the day after tomorrow. Even if she opens the letter and reads it here, her reaction would be a problem for me so it's better for me to quickly leave this location.

"And with that I've handed it over. All that's left is for you to properly make your decision. Then if you find it difficult to give me an answer directly, you can send it by chat or through a phone call, that's fine" I told her.

In Sakura's case, there is a possibility that she would be unable to say either 'Yes' or 'No' after all. I should help her with at least that.

"Ko, kokoko, kokoko".

"Are you a chicken?".