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The next morning, in class 2F.

I had thrown aside all the frustration and doubts from yesterday, but I was still stunned. Not just me, the entire class was the same after witnessing ‘that scene’. It would be hard not to, after seeing ‘that scene’.

‘That scene’ ─ refers to…

Amano… dumped Tendo Karen!

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Amano rejected Tendo about something, and with tears of vexation in her eyes, she left Class F with a flushed face ─ What an unbelievable scene.

After witnessing that scene that could very well herald the end of times, the classroom fell into utter chaos.

“Huh? What happened? This is the first time I have seen Tendo-san looked so vexed…”

“Yeah, that’s obviously emotional entanglement!”

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Mika and Masaya said in a volume loud enough that Amano might hear them, even Daiki, Shiyouji and Reina were discussing it too. They said that it sounded something like clubs, Tendo’s reaction being abnormal, and even suggested asking Amano.

They asked for my opinion too, but I answered disinterestedly. During all this while, I was staring right at Amano.

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Honestly, just what are you thinking…?

Despite what just happened, Amano was still toying with his phone happily. Even though he seemed depressed and regretful momentarily, after he looked at his phone and smiled, he reverted to that ‘Amano who smiles happily even though he was playing with his phone alone’.

… He rejected Tendo’s invitation, so why is he showing such a face…?

I gulped. Instead of frustration, I felt more crept out. However, I got the gist of their relations.

Tendo probably invited Amano to join a certain club yesterday. As she was exceptionally loud today, we could hear this part clearly.

However… Amano turned her down coldly… He actually turned her down.