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Still smiling, and after briefly looking at Horikita, Kushida turned back to me.

"You think Horikita wouldn't invite you, why is that?".

"Ahaha, that's terrible of you Ayanokouji-kun. You know things aren't going too well between me and Horikita-san right?".

Since I am already in the know regarding that, Kushida said so without attempting to cover it up. Horikita too, was listening quietly without denying it.

"Honestly I still can't believe that, or rather, I'm still half in doubt".

The ball kicked from the corner flies towards a teammate waiting near the goal post. The one who skillfully matched it was Hirata. However, since aiming the shot right now proved to be too exacting, he instead passed the ball to his teammate.

That person was a familiar Class B student. The ball that was kicked with perfect timing brilliantly flew into the goal in one stroke.

"So Shibata's from the soccer club".

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"Yeah. Hirata-kun praises him often, that he's better than him. It seems they're close".

As expected, the well-informed Kushida appears to have heard of such things too. Once the match started up again, the ball again went to Shibata as he runs around the enemy team with agile movements.

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"His speed is also considerable".

He's equal to, if it's just speed alone then he seems to be faster. It doesn't seem like Hirata was just being humble.

"Ohh, they're going at it. They're lively today as well, this is amazing!".