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Before I knew it, she had left a letter on my bag.

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And the contents read「I want you to come to the roof alone」.

There were so many “elements”.

So it is only natural that they would be feeling uneasy.

「It’s okay, it wasn’t anything serious. I just got a chocolate cake from her.」

And when I showed the the white box in my hand,

「I-I see… That’s good.」

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「Well, the “match settle” has been postponed huh…」

Ria and Rose breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and whispered something that didn’t make sense to me.

「Well… It’s already quite late, shall we go home?」

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「Yes, let’s go.」

「Aa, I agree.」

Then we parted ways and returned to our respective dormitories.

「「Thank you for the food.」」

After we finished dinner, Ria and I put our hands together and gave thanks for the food.

「Then, let me take care of the cleanup.」

「Yes, thank you.」

She cooked for me today, so cleaning up is my job.

Wash the dishes and leave them on the draining board. Finally, wipe off the water around the sink, and I’m all done.