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“Then there’s only Ayanon left, ah, but is it difficult because you’re already in a group with Horikita-san? Plus you’re sometimes also doing things with Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun.”

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“I can’t say if it’s for better or worse, but at least I know that those two are pretty different from the type of person I am, as they have many aspects that I’m just not compatible with. Should I say that I don’t have to force myself when I’m around you guys? To be honest, I feel relaxed. Horikita and I just sit next to each other. We interact a lot, but I’m not particularly in a group with her.”

These were my true feelings.

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“Is that so? In that case, it’s decided. We will be the Ayanokōji Group from now on. Please treat us well.”

“Wait. Why is it named after me?”

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“You’re the one who brought all of us together. Are you not okay with it?”

Miyake also agreed with Hasebe’s opinion. What about Yukimura?

“I have no objections. I would be troubled if we chose to call ourselves the Yukimura group.”

He accepted it without resistance.

“One last thing before we inaugurate the group. Let’s ban the use of formal surnames from now on.”

“It’s up to you to ban them, but I won’t say Mi-Miyatchi or…… A-Ayanon or anything like that. It’s embarrassing. I’d look like an idiot.”

It would definitely feel out of place for Yukimura and me to say ‘Miyatchi’.

It was really helpful that he ended up denying it for me.

“Well, at least use the first name. By the way, my name is Haruka. You can call me whatever you want. What your first name, Miyatchi?”