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“Especially Uehara-kun acted like he’s rejecting it.”

“Right, Amanocchi, Tasuku thought that it was you at that time.”

“Ugh…! W-Why…When I heard you said that, I feel like I’m shocked.”

“No, no, no, what’s wrong with you! Tasuku wanting to touch you is the main issue here!”

“Y-You’re right. But, for some reason, …I’m a bit thrilled.”

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“Amanocchi, you’re too dangerous!”

Aguri-san clicked on her smartphone rapidly as she said that. It seems that I was on her watchlist for “potential cheaters of boyfriend” already, with a high ranking.

I willingly subjected myself to a treatment like this and continued chatting with her.

“Konoha-san was the one that I disillusioned myself from. Although she was already quite erotic- Uh, no, she’s supposed to be an innocent person. Still, I didn’t expect her to flirt with another girl’s boyfriend…It’s a guy that she just met…”

She was acting so repulsive just then…Well, to be honest, Uehara-kun is a handsome guy. Forget about girls, …even I’m willing to stick close to him. However, my rationality successfully held all these thoughts back.

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Just as I’m complaining angrily, Aguri-san tilted her head unbelievably.

“Eh? No, I confirmed the color of the headphones’ lights later. Instead of that Konoha girl wanting to stick close to Tasuku, it’s more like her wanting to…”

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Aguri-san is staring at me quietly…?

“You’re saying…the colors of the lights? Ah, …sorry, I didn’t remember what everyone was doing back then. I only remembered Tendou-san thought her partner was me. That’s why she hugged with Chiaki…Hoho….”