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The timing was just right!

It was the weekend after the movie was screened. They could have a meal; they could play in Jingzhou for a week and eat again on the 20th.

The thought of the nameless restaurant’s delicacies made him salivate.

What’s more, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

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Lu Zhiyao felt that he was the main actor in Mission and Choice. At the last moment, the box office had squeezed to 1.6 billion yuan. It broke the record. Boss Pei had earned at least 500 million yuan, right?

What was wrong with freeloading off Boss Pei for one meal!

Wasn’t that justifiable?

Pei Qian felt a headache coming on when he heard the words ‘Mission and Choice’.

It was finally over!

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The ending had been delayed for two months, causing the box office to rise slightly. However, Pei Qian had no choice but to postpone it.

That was because the box office payment for the movie would only be returned next cycle after the delay.

If he did not postpone it, given the speed at which this world was refunding money, what if another 500 million yuan suddenly appeared before settlement?

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Then, he would probably have no choice but to accept the 500,000 yuan with tears in his eyes.