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When I evaded all her kicks at the last possible moment, Ibuki stopped attacking for a moment and clicked her tongue in irritation.

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"What are you really......?".

"Can you really not believe it even after seeing all this?".

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"You piss me off. I don't know why but you piss me off!".

Ibuki leaped towards me again and I immediately closed the distance between us.

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I don't mind playing along but it's not a good idea to drag this out.

I didn't give Ibuki the chance to dodge or block before grabbing her neck and slamming her to the ground.

Ibuki's eyes widened before she lost consciousness right afterwards and stopped moving.

Hitting her head would've given me more certainty but it's not like this is a fight to the death.

"Violence isn't something Ryuuen and his group have monopolized".

Ibuki, Ishizaki and Albert. Now that the students who could be referred to as Ryuuen's right hand men have all collapsed, there's only one person left standing. Seeing all of this play out before her, Karuizawa was left unable to speak a word.

"I suppose it's commendable that you're still able to maintain your rationality even after seeing this situation".

"So you're not just sharp but also first class when it comes to violence. I underestimated you".

Clapping as though to express genuine respect, Ryuuen walked up to me.

"Do you know what else I want to say, Ayanokouji?".

"Not a clue".