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As expected, the 100 Million Years Button is not something which should be made public after all.

「By the way, is Bacchus-san a–」

And when I tried to ask a question this time,

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「Good grief, how long are you men going to hold hands with each other?」

Rose, who seemed a little astonished, muttered so with a sigh.

Come to think of it, I’ve certainly left everyone behind and indulged in talking to Bacchus-san alone.

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「Barabara! My bad, my bad, the kid had a nice hand is all!」

Bacchus-san raised a big laugh, and then…

「So, are you all Rose’s friends, too?」

To avoid unnecessary prying, he quickly turned to Ria and the others.

「Y-Yes. My name is Ria Vesteria.」

「I am Sie Arcstria. I am getting along well with Rose-san at Thousand Blade Academy.」

「I’m Lilim Tsuorine. Nice to meet you!」

「I am Ferris Magdalot. Pleased to meet you though!」