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The elder Horikita crossed the main entrance, leaving that as his last words.

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And so a man walked into the distance.

Horikita stared straight at his back, constantly watching, cherishing every last moment.

This scene was as if Horikita Manabu and his sister was leaving me a roadsign.

Even though the elder Horikita had disappeared from our sight, we still looked at that direction for some time.

But we couldn’t just stay immersed within this downhearted atmosphere.

So I used my words to get rid of the resolute unbudging state of Horikita.

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“It’s going to get more lonely from now on.”

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Although it wasn’t the last time they’ll see each other, for the next 2 years, she won’t be able to hear his voice, let alone see his figure.

But Horikita’s face tightened, and a severe expression appeared.

“Thank you, Ayanokouji-san… you’ve really helped me a lot today.”