What kind of answer software is made?

What kind of answer software is made?

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Therefore, Meng Chang decided to personally make a trip to Jingzhou after making sufficient preparations to persuade Boss Pei.

He had already carefully prepared his powerpoint. At the same time, he had also worked hard to turn the statistics of the two stores profitable.

For example, he could use a longer period of depreciation for the various assets of the shop to push the capital expenditure further away, or, he could use word play to remove some of the marketing expenses from the capital expenditure. That way, the cold-faced lady would look very healthy and profitable on the powerpoint with very good prospects.

The Cold Faced Lady was impeccable in all aspects coupled with current brand reputation, cognition, trending figures, etc.

Moreover, strictly speaking, Meng Chang was not faking it. He had indeed used the correct number. However, he had modified the powerpoint and could easily lead investors astray with his words.

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Of course, Meng Chang did not think that he could fool Boss Pei 100%! (MISSING)He was not that arrogant.

However, Meng Chang felt that he could at least give it a try and used real data, and Boss Pei was more or less clear about the financial situation of the cold-faced lady. Meng Chang had never thought of ways to get kickback from the cold-faced lady. He had been wholeheartedly thinking about generating high valuation profits.

Boss Pei would not invest anymore at best if he was not satisfied. Would he be able to undermine the company on the spot?

That was very unlikely.

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Therefore, Meng Chang came to Jingzhou after making ample preparations and decided to give it a try.

Meng Chang saw He Desheng when he arrived at Dream Realization Ventures. Both of them shook hands warmly.

“Give me a moment. Boss Pei has agreed to meet you, but he just returned from Shanghai. He’s on his way here,” He Desheng said.

Meng Chang quickly nodded. “Of course, Boss Pei gave me this chance despite being so busy. I’ll definitely perform well!”

He Desheng did not say much and got someone to serve tea. The two of them chatted in the guest room as they waited for Boss Pei to arrive.

Boss Pei arrived about half an hour later.

Meng Chang quickly stepped forward and said eagerly, “Boss Pei! Welcome back from Shanghai! The legend of a small boat covering a thousand miles and a million strong soldiers take off their battle robes is really admirable!”

Meng Chang had been taking money from Boss Pei for the past few months, but he had never had the chance to interact with him face-to-face.

He could only say that Meng Chang’s level was too low previously and it was not worth Boss Pei taking the time to meet him.

However, as the cold-faced lady’s valuation grew higher, its performance in Dream Realization Ventures could be said to be outstanding. He had gradually gained Boss Pei’s favor and attention.