What makes a student online?

What makes a student online?

The ogre’s piece sign was pretty surreal.

Author’s Note

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I will always be indebted to you.

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I’m sorry I didn’t return my impressions easily.

I’m watching it all, but it takes time and patience to give it back....

Aside from that, I saw the impression column of the previous story, and tilted my head.

Maybe you’re reading too deeply about tragedy and dark developments.

I met on a night with lots of stars. So, shooting star.

The ‘red’ demon who met in the middle of the ‘night’. That’s why, Aka Naiter.

Excuse me...... What do you expect from Aka????

Still, more than 60,000 drills. Thank you, everyone.

Once again, thanks for the support. And I really hope everyone is safe and healthy. As a bonus, yatta! (sorry for the cringe ??)

Anyway, [I scanlated the first chapter of the manga] (insert praise effect). Thank you, thank you but unfortunately I have bad news. I’m not going to do anymore (insert boos and hisses). Sorry but it’s a lot for just one dude, especially a noob like me. Hopefully it’ll garner attention from others enough for a pro group to pick it up (do spam your favorites with requests).

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and share it around. Till the weekend!

Translated by: Sads07

“Burp... what a meal!”