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Originally, the act of confessing to someone, the only motives one had was love, an action that turned someone you liked into someone that belonged to you.

‘”Your answer?”

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The baton in my hand had been handed to Kei, and the rest I had to do was to wait for her reply.

The chaotic Kei sorted out her feelings within her mind, and then she did her best to move her gaze back, as it had unconsciously wandered away.

“-We-well, I’ll go out with you…then.”

“Can I interpret what you just said as you liking me?”

“Yo-you want me to say it!?”

Although I understood her confusion, it was an indispensable part of the confirmation.

Only after receiving a definite reply can the relationship between the two of us can truly change.

“Mhm, I want you to say it.”

Although I urged her like this, Kei, although she was surprised, did not outright reject it.

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There was no third person listening in, nor was there a contract stamped between us.

It is only the two of us that know, it is a conversation between only the two of us, and it’s between the two of us that we agreed to mutually help each other.

“Can you not answer?”

If she couldn’t answer, then I had to propose what we should do, but…

“Wa-wait a second. Now, my emotions are all over the place…!”

Kei stretched out her open hands, waiting for a bit, to try to lessen my worrying.

Looking at Kei, I decided to calmly wait for that moment to come.