Online long-lasting project

Online long-lasting project

“Hmm…I-I guess you’re right. Can’t say that I haven’t…”


Chiaki and I gave him a proud smile. Uehara-kun stared at us for a few seconds before he seems fed up and yelled at us.


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“That’s rude!”

Chiaki and I screamed innocently. We started arguing with each other for a couple minutes.


When we were tried, we picked up from where we left off after we calmed down and brought the topic back to Chiaki’s new game.

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Chiaki cleared her throat after grabbing her paper again.

“Then, moving onto the plot development after the prologue…”

“Right, you haven’t mentioned, where Peony Eater will end up going?”

Uehara-kun asked, and Chiaki confidently answered: “That’s a good question.”

“I think you guys should know from the clues already, this story’s selling point is with its dark and detailed setting as the opening, but it won’t go deeper and deeper. Instead, there will be plot twist after plot twist.”

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“There’s already a few since the prologue…”