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How to make money online group purchase company

Lin Wan was speechless.

Was he saying that even a low-class and irritating advertising method like that wouldn’t be effective?

Lin Wan pondered for a moment and then said, “I have to ask Boss Pei for his suggestions on this.”

Ye Zhizhou looked excited. “That would be best!”

Pei Qian had instructed Ye Zhizhou before to ask Director Lin about anything to do with the game’s creation process.

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Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin had done so. Whenever they ran into minor problems in the research and development process, they would raise them up for internal discussion before allowing Lin Wan to make a call.

However, if no one could make a call, they would still have to consult Boss Pei.

None of them could think of good ideas for marketing the game. Thus, they had no choice but to ask Boss Pei.

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Lin Wan felt apprehensively sent a message to Pei Qian, asking him about the advertising plan for Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version.

What if Boss Pei could not come up with a good advertising method either?

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After all, the game is of a different type now that they have converted it from a browser game to a mini-client. Traditional methods of advertising would no longer work.

Even Boss Pei would need several days to think about it and reply to her, right?

Yet, a few minutes later, Lin Wan received Pei Qian’s reply.

“Wait, I’ll send you a plan.”

Five minutes later, Pei Qian sent a document to Lin Wan.

Lin Wan opened it and read it together with Ye Zhizhou.