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Is it true that the introducer make money online?

However, Lin Wan only knew of his name and a gut feeling that he was someone who did not lack money in real life. Other than that, she did not know the details of his life such as what job he held and whatnot.

“Old Chen, stop lurking around and help me test a game!” Lin Wan was closer to Chen Sha and thus she got right into the topic without any polite exchanges.

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Before long, the other party replied.

“Isn’t Bullet Hole already done with its testing and is about to be published? They’re asking for more stuff to be tested?” Chen Sha asked casually.

Lin Wan explained herself, “It’s not Bullet Hole, it’s another game. Right, I forgot to tell you but I resigned from Sun Strike Studios.”

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“... What kind of a show are you putting on by quitting right as the game’s about to be published? I heard that employees of the development team get a lot of reward money after a game gets published. Aren’t you pitting yourself against money?”

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“The reward money’s not important. Let me tell you... the company I’m at is much better than Sun Strike Studios! Alright, enough with the nonsense. Help me test this game I have!” Lin Wan pushed.

“Alright. Is the price still the same as Sun Strike Studios at 500 yuan per round of testing?”

“Oh, not really. After the testing, we’ll give you a limited edition in-game Desert Eagle as a reward,” Lin Wan replied matter of factly.

The other party did not reply for a long time.

Chen Sha was stumped.

‘What’s the meaning of this? Isn’t the difference way too great?’

‘Aren’t you just trying to make use of me for free?!’

When Chen Sha helped Sun Strike Studios to test their game, it did not matter how many issues he listed out per testing. As long as there was even a single issue, he would get 500 yuan of reward money.

He was a god tier player after all and could sense the differences in hand sensitivity that normal gamers could not; his opinion was invaluable.

Bullet Hole was a game that was made for veteran players and Chen Sha was almost the representative of that group of players. As such, it was only normal for him to be slightly more.

Of course, 500 yuan WAS slightly expensive. It was understandable if this new company was not willing to pay that amount.

But there should at least be a token sum of 400 or even 300?