what are money orders

what are money orders

“Until today, Mission and Choice has been nailed to the pillar of shame of domestic games.”

“In the past, we could only vent our anger on this game, lament its misfortune, and be angry at its failure to compete when ‘Mission and Choice’ was mentioned.”

“However, what’s comforting now is that when we look back at the game ‘Mission and Choice’, we no longer feel angry. Instead, we feel a sense of mockery.”

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“That’s because more and more outstanding domestically-produced games are emerging. The market for domestically-produced standalone games is no longer a desert.”

“We can finally let go of our unhappy memories and move on.”

“Someone once said that domestically-produced games are trash apart from Tengda. We might have Repent and be Saved and Struggle, but they are just a miracle flower in the desolate desert.”

“However, we now know that Boss Pei is not the only one working hard in the domestic standalone game market. We have the Destitution Plan, which produced the ‘Survival Manual of Workers’, ‘Ink and Clouds’, and other outstanding independent games!”

“As these independent game designers continue to grow, they will definitely continue to improve. The old tree of domestically-produced standalone games will once again flourish!”

“The future of domestically-produced standalone games will definitely become better!”

“The content of the ‘Destitution Plan’ incubation base is exclusive to the official platform. You can read it yourself if you’re interested. In addition, ‘Black Ink and Clouds’ will be officially released tomorrow. I hope you can pay close attention!”

Qiao Liang was considered a huge UP Master in the gaming area of Aili Island’s website. The video had only been released for a short while, but it already had a lot of views and comments.

Many viewers clicked into the video excitedly when they saw that Qiao Liang had updated the video. They were greatly disappointed when they realized that it was ‘Trash Games Diss’. They expressed that Teacher Qiao had made a very feeble attempt since he made a video out of the game more than ten years ago.

However, after watching the entire video, the audience was deeply moved and the discussion was extremely enthusiastic!

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“Fantasy Battle Remake’ has been released, yet we are promoting ‘Domestically-Produced Games Compilation’. I feel very disappointed. However, I felt better after watching this video. While Domestically-produced standalone games cannot be compared to foreign games, there are still people working hard!”

“Teacher Qiao is right. In the past, we scolded ‘Mission and Choice’ because there wasn’t really a single good game in the domestically-produced standalone game. Now, everyone can look at it in a teasing manner. It’s not because we are tolerant, but because the environment of domestically-produced standalone games has improved. We also have a batch of good games that belong to us. Thus, we can naturally laugh off the shame of the past.”

“I just went to watch an interview. It was really well done.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect the developer of Black Ink and Clouds, Wu Zhicheng, to have such a tough life. If it weren’t for the ‘Destitution Plan’, the release of Black Ink and Clouds would probably have been delayed by another ten years... and it would definitely not have been able to achieve the current quality.”