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A little further in, I found a shopkeeper-like person in the back of the store.

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「Oh. is it a customer?」

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「No, a wheat farmer named Sandy-san injured her back, so I’m a magic swordsman who has carried it here on her behalf.」

「Ho… magic swordsman huh… In that case, can you show me the documents?」


Then I handed over the valuable contract that she had handed over to me.

As he took a look at it,


For some reason, instead of the wheat I had brought up here, he sized me up from head to toe.

「Maa… it’s going to be half price.」

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「…Half price?」

「You’re a slow guy aren’t you… I’m saying I’ll buy it at half the price of the contract.」

「Wha! What do you mean!?」

「You see, this wheat… it’s pretty bad quality. I want you to be grateful that I’m even buying it for half price.」

He picked a pinch of wheat from the sack and evaluated as such.

「That’s not true. This is very good wheat!」

「Ha, what would a third-rate magic swordsman know about it? Huh?」

「You can understand it at a glance. In my village, agriculture is prosperous and I’ve seen a lot of wheat. I can assure you, there are no quality issues with this wheat. On the contrary, it’s a splendid first-class wheat!」

The shopkeeper, bluntly clicked his tongue.