23 years old, what can I do?

23 years old, what can I do?

He could make use of the opportunity to open a branch and set up a Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, he would not charge any fees. Wouldn’t that burn more money?

Liang Qingfan could not help but feel deep veneration.

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Indeed, Boss Pei always thought differently from others.

However, the problem was, were there any customers in Jingzhou who had never been to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe or Fish-Catching Take-Out?

Yes... there should still be some. What Boss Pei said made sense.

He quickly thought about it and concluded. “I understand now, Boss Pei. The shop you are opening is more like an experience shop. It is not just a place to display goods and sell goods. It is also a window to show our products to all customers.”

“In that case, this experience store can roughly be divided into several sections:

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“First of all, the gaming experience zone, including Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, ROF Computer-Installation, and all other games can be placed in this zone.

“The second is the viewing area where we can play some of Fei Huang Workspace’s works, including movies and documentaries.”

“Then, there’s the residential area. The interior can be renovated according to the style of Sloth Apartments. The sofa and cabinets will be arranged in a minimalistic style. The entire smart apartment furnishing can also be arranged.”

“Next is the digital zone. The difference between this place and the residential area is that the residential area can only display our latest smart home products, including television, sound system, and so on. It can only display a limited number of products. The digital zone will display all the cell phones, computers, and other digital products that we are selling, just like many cell phone manufacturers’ shops.”

“Then, we’ll move on to the peripherals area. We can sell some of Tengda’s related products, such as game-related figurines, pillows, and the various trinkets sold at Thriller Hostel.

“Lastly, it’s the food and beverage area. Arrange for Fish-Catching Take-Out’s food. If customers are tired from shopping, they can eat here. Some of the delicacies in the future food market can also be arranged here.”

“There are a total of six zones. These six zones have to be very spacious. They take up a lot of space and look very lively.”