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Wu Yue: “That’s right, Boss Pei, we definitely reached the standards. However, Zhao Xuming is treating all the clubs in the ICL league equally. Therefore, he will not give a single cent less to our club.”

“I thought that there is no way to reject it since this is the unified rule of the ICL, and there is no reason to reject it.”

“You don’t need to pay FV Club regularly since Finger Games has offered this sum of money. I’ve already called Finance to tell them not to pay in the future.”

“I’m informing you as I’m afraid you wouldn’t know. Don’t worry, Boss Pei. FV Club can rely on ourselves in the future. We’ll be responsible for our profits and losses and won’t need to spend your money anymore!”

Pei Qian’s mouth opened slightly, and he nearly fainted.

Finger Games was crazy!

Who asked you to fork out money for FV Team, ah? Did you have so much money to burn!

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I spend a bit of money on FV Team every month, it’s comfortable giving them meals and building fitness cards. It might not cost much but it’s still a psychological comfort.

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Yet, all of you want to stop me? You want to deprive me of the right to spend such a small sum of money?

It was too much!

Pei Qian hung up and began to think about how to take revenge.

A windfall had appeared out of nowhere. He had to spend it immediately, or there would be endless trouble!

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He was just thinking about it when someone knocked on the door.

Assistant Xin pushed the door open and entered. “Boss Pei, Meng Chang is here.”

Pei Qian’s face darkened. “Yes, let him in!”

It was March 1st today. According to the agreement signed previously, Meng Chang had to report to work and determine the commission based on the marketing effect.

Pei Qian arranged for a special analysis team to follow Meng Chang’s advertising plan throughout the entire process. They would also analyze various factors such as influence and give a very detailed analysis report. Finally, they would come up with a suitable popularity index from 0 to 100.

The exact amount of commission would be based on the popularity index.

Pei Qian had already sent the report to his email last month, but he had not read it yet.