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Pei Qian was utterly speechless.

Li Shi! Lin Chang!

It’s you two again!

Wasn’t that a scam?

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What are you all trying to do!

Pei Qian was furious. He had planned to sell the buildings after saving money for the game, and then continue to spend money. If the players were happy, Boss Pei would be happy as well.

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He did not expect this building to be unable to sell!

What was worse was that not only were the buildings not sold, but they were also spending more and more money!

Once the news of Tengda’s intention to sell the building spread, gamers and companies that had worked with Tengda swarmed over, desperately giving Tengda money!

What should Pei Qian do?

Assistant Xin asked, “Then... Boss Pei, are you still selling the building?”

Pei Qian remained silent for a long time. “Not selling anymore...”

How was he supposed to sell it now?

This building was no longer a simple building in the eyes of many. It was a barometer of Tengda’s current financial situation.

Selling buildings meant that Tengda’s capital flow was not good. Gamers would burst out with unprecedented enthusiasm and charge in the game. They could not let Tengda collapse.

Players would only feel that Tengda’s crisis was over if they gave up on selling the buildings. They would not continue to charge money.