Will buy a lottery ticket online will take a prison?

Will buy a lottery ticket online will take a prison?

“Is Tendou-senpai avoiding you two?”

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Amano-senpai gave me a shocked expression after hearing what I said. However, he immediately let out an “ahaha” laugh as if this is a joke.

“Konoha-san always gets these interesting thoughts…”

“No, senpai, I’m not fooling around. In reality, when two out of three people wanted to ‘mention’ something, yet they can’t even talk about it…Will the situation happen this frequently?”

“Ay, like what I’ve said before, there’s nothing about normal or not. It really happened.”

“That’s why I think this is weird-“

Just as I’m leaning forward as I continued to theorize, Amano-senpai interrupted with a confused look.

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“To say that it’s weird, …basically, why would Tendou-san ‘avoid’ this topic?”


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He hit the nail on the head right away. I fell silent. Then, senpai continued after taking a sip of his lemon tea.

“Sigh, from your argument’s perspective, I’m not entirely unable to understand what you’re saying. Honestly, from my impression, …I can more or less feel that Tendou-san is especially fast at stopping the topic.”

“L-Look, that means I’m indeed right-“