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Ehm, let’s take a hundred steps back, forget my reply for a second. I heard what did the owner of the bar on the street say to greet his customers earlier, and that just become stuck in my head; then, there’s also Mizumi-kun’s suggestion. Well, even though I replied stupidly due to numerous reasons, but I meant that when I said it. *Cough* Ugh! My feelings are not important, anyway!

The problem is with Amano-kun, he confessed to me in front of everyone, something just seems off.

“To be honest, I feel like it made more sense if he simply messed up. Also…”

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I took a glance at Hoshinomori-san, she is very nervous and walking stiffly beside me. To be honest, she is cute and quite similar to Amano-kun in this aspect.

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“I feel like, she suits Amano-kun far more than I do.”

I stared at her restlessly, and she squeezed a soft smile towards me despite being nervous and all. I have no idea what she is thinking.

“E-Ehm, it’s okay, Tendou-san! I feel like Amano-kun has already understood how you feel! That’s right!”


A-Amano-kun understands how I feel? D-Does that mean…

I can feel my face is flaring up. So, I looked away from Hoshinomori-san before clearing my throat. Then, I walked ahead of her to prevent her from seeing my face. I’m ending the discussion.

“A-Alright, I will meet him after school…”

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“He suggested meeting at the game shop. Keita said you knew which one…”

“Yeah, that’s right. There’s only one game shop we know.”

That was where I met Amano-kun for the first time. To be honest, I looked down on him at that time, so I started talking to him with the shallowness of “Karen Tendou.” A tinge of bitterness appeared in my heart when I think about that place.

“Ah, you knew where to go, that’s great. Ehm, he said because you will be in the Game Club after school, so he wanted to know if 5:30 PM will do…”

“Fine by me. Excellent timing.”

“Ah, then I will reply to him. By the way, shouldn’t I tell you how to contact him?”

“Thanks…but you don’t need to.”