Can you make money online

Can you make money online

The power of the system was the ability to change the company and his personal account’s balances while not arousing any suspicion from any person or organizations.

The initial 50,000 yuan distributed by the system was saved in the accounts of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.. As the boss of the company, Pei Qian could make use of the money and invest it in any business.

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However, once any violations occur, such as using the money for food and drinks or any personal expenses, the system would recover the money while stopping the current Wealth Conversion week or even terminate its relationship with Pei Qian!

While the system is the final judge of the violations, it follows normal societal rules.

For example, while similarly being spent on food and drinks, company gatherings or activities are permitted whereas Pei Qian treating his friends for a meal is prohibited.

After the game’s profits, the money earned from the games platform would be sent to the company’s accounts – that is the same as with any other game companies.

However, Pei Qian can’t splurge it as he wishes!

During the system’s settlement, the system would change Pei Qian’s bank balance in accordance to the conversion rate to his Personal Wealth based on the changes in the company’s balance.

That would be money that Pei Qian can use to spend freely without being restricted by the system!

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“The next settlement is a month later.”

“No, this time round I’ve got to find a way to lose the 300,000 completely! Not a single cent less!”

Pei Qian flipped up from his bed and began searching on his computer on ‘How to make losses’.

The results were all content about ‘How not to make losses’.

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“Rubbish Qiandu!”

Pei Qian looked up as anguish spread through his face.