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The promotion picture was a head portrait of Zhang Zuting cosplaying a game character, and the caption was Bloody Battle Song (Available from 18th September, 10 a.m.)’.

Below it were some details of the game. The installation package was about 370M. The game had a four stars review. There was also an advertisement slogan: Endorsed by Zhang Zuting. Definitely a fair and green nation wars game!

After clicking on it, users would be directed to the game details page for Bloody Battle Song.

Every recommendation spot on the homepage of the application store was priceless.

Yet, Bloody Battle Song occupied two of those crucial spots!

Not only that, but on the ‘Games Store’ bookmark, the first in the ‘Editors’ Choice’ list was still Bloody Battle Song!

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When they clicked on the web-based games category, the top of the ‘New Recommended Games of the Month’ was still Bloody Battle Song!

The third bookmark was a ranking. It ranked all the apps and games in the market according to their recent and long-term download numbers, ratings, popularity, and profitability. Bloody Battle Song was the seventh on the list!

There was a caption below: 350,000 installed, 4.7 ratings. The most absurd part was the striking red ‘Recommended!’ icon after the caption.

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This recommendation was produced by Shenhua. The company would reward this icon to good quality and popular games periodically. To Shenhua app store users, that icon symbolized that the game had been specially selected by Shenhua.

The various recommendation spots made everyone gasp in awe.

What kind of connections did they need to receive such a treatment!

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Some recommendation spots could be bought with money, such as the little recommendation spot on the bookmark page.

However, for homepage recommendations, not only did they have to compete with other popular games; but they also had to beat other popular apps. There was no way they could win it without forking out enough money!

Of course, the homepage recommendation spot was not the most mind-blowing.

The most unbelievable part was that Bloody Battle Song had discreetly reached the seventh place in the rankings!

The seventh position was right at the bottom of the cell phone screen once the users clicked into the rankings. They could see the game without having to scroll down. The rankings mostly followed Shenhua’s calculation and were mostly fair. After all, if the entire rankings were forged, that would be too obvious. The users could easily realize that the rankings were not completely reliable. Therefore, what most app stores did was to squeeze a few publicity projects into the rankings discreetly. They would also tweak some statistics of those apps that they were publicizing to fit their rankings. Anyways, most users did not know the criteria and rules of the rankings.

It was similar to the hot searches on Weibo.