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I exhaled before facing Chiaki once again.


Under the starry sky.

Although Chiaki’s blushing really hard right now, …she didn’t look away from me. Her eyes are boiling with determination as she stared back at me. That overwhelming “staunchness” made me respect her sincerely. At the same time-

That’s why I’m also answering as sincerely and truthfully as I can.

I replied to her confession.

“Thank you, and I’m sorry.”

I lowered my head as I spoke up.

…There are a lot of things I want to say, ask, and confirm right now.

However, at the last moment, all of my emotions and feelings are concentrated in this appreciation and apology.

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I will only keep my head lowered in silence until Chiaki permitted me to raise my head.

Perhaps she would be angry. Perhaps she would be upset. Perhaps she would yell at me for answering insincerely.

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…However, even if her action is one of the above.

(I need to accept her feelings truthfully right here, and right now…It’s because that’s all I can do.)