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And to top it all off, when he was my age, he was inferior to me as a student, but I’m the one being looked down on.


“Tch... I...... presently..... aren’t I working hard enough?”

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“Type that grows slowly......? Such an unreliable thing to say.”

It’s annoying. That’s why I want to shout like a kid.

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“Why... Why am I a disappointment? I’m content! I’m second place in the Academy ranking! Isn’t that great!? Praise my efforts a little instead of consoling me! Were you ever in second place? Yet you’re disappointed? Second place isn’t good enough for you? Why do I have to be in first place?”

A pitiful kid... I can’t control it even though I’m aware of it myself, but I’m still a kid and I’m full of self-loathing.


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“...... tsk... I’m fine...”

Before I knew it, I pushed past my father and ran away.


Author’s Note:

Thank you very much for appearing on the day.

Since there is a stock to write 200,000 characters in Golden Week, Post every day for a while, so I will continue to post more than one day to see the situation, thank you in the future.

[S1] So, remember those naming conventions I said to look out for? The Hero is actually called “Hiiro” and the emperor name sounds like “Soldier”.

[S2] Enter the man himself. From the description I opted to give Hiro a super casual speech pattern, regardless of who he speaks with. Unless the mood calls for a more serious atmosphere.

Translated by: Sads07