can you withdraw money from a credit card

can you withdraw money from a credit card


「Yes. From now on, you and I will do battle, but… I haven’t said a word about a swordsmanship match, have I?」

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「Haa… Is it something other than swordsmanship?」

I have a bad feeling.

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It feels like an almost exact same situation occurred a few months ago.

「I don’t think I can win a one-on-one swordsmanship match against Allen-kun in the first place. So, we’ll do battle with this today!」

The president placed a deck of cards on her desk.

(As I expected…)

Apparently this hardcore sore loser, was still hung up on the previous defeat.

I glanced at the deck of cards.

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「Is it a ”gimmick card” again?」

「Don’t underestimate me. I won’t use the same hand twice!」

She foolishly handed me the deck.

After checking the deck for a while, I inspected the back of the cards.

「…It certainly seems to be a normal deck.」

There seems to be no gimmick as last time.

It’s definitely an ordinary deck of cards that can be bought anywhere.

「Is poker okay with you?」I asked.