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However, the exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league had been taken away by Bunny Tail Live-Stream. The GPL’s broadcasting rights might still be there, but the users were severely divided because of the small program of Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

The viewers watching the GPL live-stream on Wolf Fang had been showing a trend of decline from the data platform. Obviously, many people had been snatched away by Bunny Tail Live-stream.

How could Wolf Fang live-stream gain popularity without these two pillars? Could they rely on standalone games or veteran games that were no longer as popular as before?

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It was completely unreliable!

Zhu Yan could feel an impending crisis, especially with the ICL league becoming more and more popular. He could not sit still anymore.

The actual number of people watching the ICL league on Bunny Tail live-stream was only a quarter of the GPL league, this was ultimately a market with limitless prospects.

It meant that the ICL league must be worth so much money since Boss Pei had spent so much money on the exclusive broadcasting rights.

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The popularity of the ICL league was steadily rising from Boss Pei’s marketing methods.

From 30,000 viewers at the beginning to roughly 60,000 to 80,000 viewers, this growth was very fierce.

What’s more, Long Yu Corporation and Tengda Corporation had spared no effort in promoting ICL league. Bunny Tail Live-Stream had given almost all the most important recommendation spots to ICL league. Long Yu Corporation had also bought advertisements and hot searches crazily. In the foreseeable future, the popularity of the ICL league would definitely increase exponentially.

This attitude represented many things.

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The more Zhu Yan thought about it, the more he could not sit still.

The power of Tengda Corporation and Long Yu Corporation was very terrifying. It would be even more impossible for them to obtain ICL broadcasting rights if they really pushed the ICL league up!

If Bunny Tail Live-Stream were to monopolize such a huge amount of popularity, the entire live-stream circle would probably experience another huge earthquake.

Zhu Yan could not sit still anymore. He felt that he had to do something.

As the saying went, it would never be too late.

He had already missed out on the eight million yuan ICL broadcast rights. He would probably have to add another three to four million yuan if he wanted to buy it now. What’s more, he would have to see if Tengda was willing to sell it. If he bought it now, he would definitely incur a huge loss.

However, if he did not do anything now, he might not be able to buy anything in the future!