Is there a reliable software that makes money online?

Is there a reliable software that makes money online?

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Even if one does not pointlessly spend and perfectly overcomes the exams, this would be the limit line. 180 million points in 3 years. It won't even reach 200 million points. This is the maximum amount of private points a class can achieve, however, in practice it should be far less than that.

As a more realistic line, getting about 150 million points should be most satisfactory. Or so I had concluded, however, I did not feel like what Ryuuen said had any basis. Looking at his face, those were the thoughts that passed through my mind.

"There's no way you could reach that, or rather that's not always the case, huh".

The strategy Ryuuen had been focusing on. The strategy I could not see.

"Our methods are similar but the fundamental thought process behind it is different, it seems".

"It's my policy to avoid to the utmost making choices with a low probability of success".

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"Ahh. Your strategy which I initially thought had zero chance of success, has risen to above 5%!"(MISSING).

However, in order to make it succeed, there are several indispensable things I absolutely require.

"More importantly,, why is snow piling up on your head?".

Having that be pointed out to me, I returned my gaze to my own appearance.

"Ahh, no, somehow it just ended up like this. Because the sensation of snow feels really good. Is that weird?".

While it had been snowing, I thought it was interesting and remained still, and it had piled up then.

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From my head to my shoulders, to my arms and knees, I could see the remaining snow had begun to melt. I was thankful for his pointing it out but I did not make a move to brush it off. Either way, it'll melt and disappear soon enough.

If that's the case, it's not such a bad thing to try touching the snow like this.