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These spoiler parties are particularly tenacious. They could not be cleared even if the super admins were to block them one by one. There were always that two or three spoilers that could affect the watching experience of the entire live broadcast room, which made it very speechless.

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What’s more, it was not easy to set up blocked words. Who knew how they would spoil the story?

Thus, if the thirty-second delay did not change, a portion of the audience would definitely still come to Bunny Tail Live-Stream because of the viewing experience.

The Vice Presidents of the other platforms were very anxious and kept urging Zhao Xuming. Naturally, Zhao Xuming was also very anxious.

Chen Yufeng said, “Boss Pei, that’s what I think.”

“Let’s argue with them for a week or two.”

“Once the popularity has been mostly absorbed by Bunny Tail Live-Stream, many viewers who came to Bunny Tail Live-Stream would have already formed a habit. We’ll discuss this matter with them.”

“Or we could just reject them directly. We are following the contract strictly after all. Changing the contract is a favor, not changing it is a duty. They have nothing to say.”

Pei Qian was instantly unhappy. According to Chen Yufeng, it would cause Bunny Tail Live-Stream to accumulate a lot of popularity!

However, Chen Yufeng’s words were the best solution from the perspective of Bunny Tail Live-Stream. It would be too stiff and unreasonable for Pei Qian to directly ask Chen Yufeng to cancel the 30-second clause.

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He had to think about this from a different perspective.

Pei Qian asked, “Zhao Xuming wants to give us some other benefits as compensation. What is it exactly?”

Chen Yufeng said, “Zhao Xuming can give the unofficial commentator rights to Bunny Tail live-stream.”

“To be more specific, apart from being able to broadcast the official live-stream, we can also organize our own people to commentate the competition, review the competition that has been completed and create various derivative programs.”

“None of the other live-stream platforms have this privilege other than us. Consider it compensation for us.”