How to make online investment

How to make online investment

If Nanase had dissociative identity disorder, everything would make a lot more sense.

There was more to this disorder than just a simple change in personality. From what I’ve been told, there have been rare cases where one of the personalities had a chronic illness, but the illness disappeared whenever the patient switched over to another personality.

Under that same logic, it was more than possible that this separate『Boku』personality residing within Nanase possessed physical abilities even greater than the original.

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And, if this personality was that of a man, then she might even be able to demonstrate strength effectively identical to that.

“You don’t seem like Nanase anymore.”

Upon hearing me say this, Nanase momentarily stopped with her onslaught, a visibly irritated expression on her face.

“You still don’t get it, do you?”

She glared at me with her arm thrusted out in front of her; Her fists were shaking with rage just as much as the sound of her voice.

“『I’m』not Nanase. The one standing here before you right now is… Matsuo Eiichiro.”

“Matsuo Eiichiro?”

I had definitely heard the surname ‘Matsuo’ before, and it hadn’t even been that long since the last time I heard it either. The name had come out of ‘that man’s’ mouth back when he paid a visit to Advanced Nurturing High School. Given all of that, I had a fairly good idea of where this was headed.

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“The son of a man who was killed by your father.”

Seeing that I still didn’t seem to understand where she was going with this, she spoke up once again, having completely lost her patience.