How to make online entertainment

How to make online entertainment

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That’s a name I’ve never heard of.

「From here on, we will start the『Vanguard battle』! Everyone from Ice King Academy and Phantom Academy, get ready! Everyone else, please move to the special seating!」

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We followed the instructions of the commentator and headed to the special seat.

Each of the sixteen academies that participated in the tournament was assigned a special viewing seat in the front row of the audience seats.

When the four of us arrived at the special seat dedicated to Thousand Blade Academy,

「Well then, we’ll introduce the contestants before the start of the battle!」

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As usual, the commentator began to introduce the contestants.

「The Vanguard of Ice King Academy – Sid Euclius! Super genius swordsman who manifested his soul dress during his childhood! He won all the qualifying matches with overwhelming ability. His opponents didn’t even stand a chance. He has a great performance record so far! And also a super problem child that caused a violent incident at the Big Five Holy Festival soon after enrolling, and was suspended for a month!」

Sid-san, who received the introduction, slowly climbed up to the stone stage.

(Even so, the『Big Five Holy Festival』, huh …)

It happened only four months ago, but… It feels like a long time ago.

「And the Vanguard of Phantom Academy – Zari Drahl! This is… We don’t have any data at hand! There is only the super-recent data that he won all the matches in the qualifying round of the D Group! Truly a『nameless』contestant, I wonder what kind of fight he’ll show us!」

When the commentator exclaimed, Zari-san, dressed in a scarlet robe that seemed to be the uniform of Phantom Academy, went up to the stage.