College students online teaching to make money

College students online teaching to make money

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“Tell me about the current situation.”

Rui Yuchen nodded. He had sorted out the relevant data in his notebook previously and recalled it all.

“Boss Pei, Fish-Catching Take-Out will definitely be able to turn around in the next month!”

“After a long period of development, Fish-Catching Take-Out has a set of loyal customers and popularity. However, there was no special advantage in the price, and resources of each store were over-allocated. This was why the expenses remained high and had been making losses.

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“This time, with the opportunity given up garbage sorting, the popularity we have accumulated exploded in an instant. Old customers had given up other takeaways and made Fish-Catching Take-Out their main takeaway. They would also drive a large number of new customers into our pit, plus various other stores which could be fully utilized...”

“Boss Pei, you were right. The entire market potential of Handong Province had yet to be tapped. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe will not need you to allocate additional resources anymore as long as the net profit is invested in new stores. It will expand continuously!”

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched.

No need for me to allocate additional resources anymore?

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That would be an ultimate nightmare!

Pei Qian fell silent; he knew he had to do something.

Allow Rui Yuchen to invest all profits into new stores that would make profits and continue this infinite loop? How could he continue that way?

It was even more inappropriate for Rui Yuchen to send him the money!

That was because Pei Qian simply did not know where to spend the money either. It would be a hot potato in his hand.

It was still necessary to implement the principle of who made the money should spend it. However, for such a profitable project... the more branches someone opened, the more money they would make. Therefore, one should not play the model of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Pei Qian thought about it. Since Fish-Catching Take-Out was now turning profitable...

Then, he could only think of ways to increase the cost and let every store continue to lose money!