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The discussion about the opening day of the IOI International Finals continued throughout the day.

That was because many people did not stay up late to watch IOI’s global finals. They only knew about the results of yesterday’s competition when they woke up. Many GOG players participated in the discussion when they saw that both domestic teams had lost.

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The true strength of the domestic teams was obviously the focus of everyone’s discussion.

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Both teams had lost their first battle in the group stages. The risk of qualifying had suddenly increased. Naturally, everyone would feel that the overall standard of domestic teams in IOI was much worse than foreign teams.

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The world finals had just begun. Many viewers seemed to have already seen its tragic ending.

Comparatively, FV Club was the least spoken about since they had yet to compete, the topics were all focused on the other two teams that had lost.

The audience were busy catching the culprits and naturally had no interest in FV Club’s “extravagant life “.

However, the players did not expect FV Club to post on Weibo again!

What’s more, the content of this Weibo post was not about eating, drinking, and having fun. Instead, it was a mocking picture.

This picture was photoshopped together. The top half was a picture of an overseas swimming pool. In the upper right corner of the picture was a middle-aged man lifting the child high up out of the water with a smile on his face. The middle-aged man had a Tengda logo on his head while the child had an FV Club logo on his face.

On the left side of the middle-aged man was a struggling child who was struggling as if he was about to sink to the bottom. The second half of the picture was a picture of the bottom of the lake. A skeleton was sitting on a chair and seemed to have been dead for many years.

The two pictures were forcefully photoshopped together.

On the faces of the child and the skeleton were the logos of the other two domestic clubs: the one struggling on the surface of the water was the team that had been turned around after a fierce battle; the one at the bottom of the water was the team that had been flattened by 30 minutes during the opening battle.

The main message on Weibo was a sentence in Chinese and English: “My good brothers, are you alright? / Waving / Waving / Waving”

Once this post was uploaded, it immediately attracted the attention of countless players who were fighting.