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Small halls would not be impressive enough, but large halls were difficult to rent and took longer to prepare. Thus, both organizing teams simultaneously chose the middle ground without prior discussion.

Although they chose halls of average size, the total amount of money they spent was anything but average. Needless to say, loads of money was spent on related facilities and advertising in the venues, so that they were beautifully done.

On top of that, both sides had also spent tons of money on marketing!

IOI, in particular, maniacally marketed the competition in games, websites, and other channels under the name of an ‘international invitational tournament’. The posters of local and foreign players alike had garnered a lot of attention.

On the other hand, since GOG did not have locals and foreigners fighting head-to-head, it could not make a big issue out of the same thing. Instead, it had no choice but to depend on their huge player base.

In short, both organizing teams had done everything they could beforehand. What was left was to observe the results today.

At 1 PM, Pei Qian arrived at the site of IOI’s international invitational tournament on time.

According to the schedule, there would be four games today, and the top four would be determined. Shang Yang Games had very intelligently arranged for a local team to go against a foreign team in every game. Obviously, they wanted to emphasize the confrontation between the Chinese and foreigners from the get-go, to attract as many viewers as possible.

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Tickets for both competitions were priced so low that it was practically no different from giving them away. After all, neither side was aiming to earn money. They were only trying to get as much attention as possible.

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Pei Qian had bought a ticket for a seat in the back row so that he could supervise the competition. He could only depend on the live-stream to observe how GOG was doing.

Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games had both prepared live streams without agreeing on it beforehand. What’s more, they had done sufficient marketing for the live streams as well.

At the moment, the popularity of livestreaming was increasing at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

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If livestreaming had been ‘on the up’ two years ago before too much capital had been poured into the industry, then the figures for the livestreaming industry was looking different every single day now.