Anhui online earning platform

Anhui online earning platform

Of course, the standards would be applied across the board. That meant that the top-tier writers would also get to enjoy the same benefits.

However, top-tier writers would be more concerned that Zhongdian Chinese Network had not developed to the stage where it could sell copyrights.

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Their main source of income was still subscription fees from readers. Those were only considered side benefits to the top-tier writers; they would not be a huge factor to consider when making decisions.

Ma Yiqun thought about it.

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To low- and mid-tier writers, Zhongdian Chinese Network could offer the same benefits that Infinite Chinese Network offered such as full-time remuneration. What’s more, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s standards were slightly higher.

If Zhongdian Chinese Network was to offer more benefits, it had to offer benefits that other websites for online literature could never bear to.

What’s more, although the benefits would be available to low- and mid-tier writers, the latter would be the focus.

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That was because there were far too many low-tier writers, and it would be impossible to consider all of them.

Low-tier writers could even include people who only registered as authors on a whim and wrote several thousand words.

If the website offered benefits to such people, it would be as good as a charity organization. No matter how much revenue the website generated, it would never be enough to cover its expenses. After all, it would be a pure loss-incurring transaction.

Thus, the focus was mid-tier writers.

The fact that they could rise a tier above the low-tier writers meant that they had the drive and skills to continue writing. They were more reliable and less likely to give up on their readers and quit the website. As they accumulated more experience, and with a bit of luck, some of them could be nurtured into top-tier writers.