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“Sigh, honestly, from my stance, I also hope to explain this properly to Tendou-san as well.”

“You’re right. If Tendou-san hates me because of that, or she’s blaming the relationship between you and me. I can only say it can’t be helped since it’s all my fault.”

“…It’s all our fault.”

I didn’t understand any of that in the least bit at that time. However, even though I don’t understand, …my heart is beating so fast that I’m feeling a tinge of pain. Something in my heart is warning me to not listen any further.

However, …before I can put my hands around my ears.

That ‘brutal’ sentence is already out of Hoshinomori-san’s mouth.

“I understand. Keita, we should explain our relationship to Tendou-san as soon as possible. I feel like that’s the only way to keep our ‘relationship’ without any troubles.”

Right away, I can feel all emotions are lost in my eyes.

…What did she just say?

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I think I just imagined things. Yep, this is just a usual misunderstanding. Exactly, there’s the only possible conclusion. Haha.

I was trying my best to cheer up…However, as if the two are trying to add insult to injury, they started a continuous attack on me.

“Yep. Indeed, we really need to quickly ‘end’ this part.”

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“Yeah. I feel terrible for Tendou-san if we’re hiding everything away from her.”

“Yes. I also hope that I can maintain a relationship built on trust’ with the person I’m dating with.”

“Right. I also wish ‘the person that’s important to me’ can keep it that way. I really hoped that.”