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He knew that Boss Pei would definitely bargain with him.

However, Meng Chang felt that it was not a big problem. If Boss Pei went overboard, he could still leave directly and give up on this publicity plan.

Pei Qian wrote as he spoke, “Tengda will not use any official channels to announce the development of the three works of the inspiration class within these two months... How is that enough?”

“Don’t you know that Tengda rarely releases information to the outside world through official channels? They are all mysteriously leaked and dug out by netizens?”

“We should do this instead.”

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“I’ll send a notice to the relevant departments to tell them that the development of the three works in the inspiration class is temporarily a company secret and is strictly prohibited from spreading. In addition, I can also promise you that if the company’s internal leak caused your publicity plan to have a good publicity effect, I will give you a 30,000 yuan commission no matter the outcome.”

“Er... unless you leaked the secret yourself.”

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Pei Qian was also worried. What if Meng Chang saw that he could not complete the mission and deliberately leaked the secret to get a 30,000 yuan commission? Wouldn’t that be a scam?

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Thus, he had to close this loophole.

Meng Chang’s eyes widened when he heard the number “30,000 yuan.”

Good lord, this commission was equivalent to the base salary for the previous ten months!

Boss Pei’s conditions were too generous. They were much stricter than Meng Chang’s previous conditions.

Meng Chang only requested for it to be “not announced through official channels”, and Boss Pei added the “leak” rule on this point.

Meng Chang was even a little confused.